Scott entered the office products industry in 1979. He began work as a delivery driver for a local office products company in California while attending Fresno State University. Scott was asked to perform just about every function within both operations and finance including management before moving into in sales. Scott was awarded multiple sales awards in the next 10 years including Rookie of the Year, the Top Gun Award (seven-time winner), and was a perpetual member of the Presidents Council.

During a period of heavy industry consolidation, the company was purchased by Buhrmann, then merged with Corporate Express. Scott was asked to move into sales management and was promoted to Western Region Sales Trainer, Georgia Division VP of Sales, East Region VP of Sales and Corporate VP of Sales in a span of about nine years.

With the acquisition of Corporate Express by Staples, Scott decided to change direction and embarked on a career working in the manufacturer’s representative industry. He now owns Myers Brazell & Associates. Scott currently resides in the NW Atlanta area with his family.